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Locksmiths Dundalk MD has a team of technicians on the road all the time to aid stranded drivers or residential customers who could be locked in their houses, lost their keys, need rekeying or any other service. If you happen to need help in the middle of the night on a weekend when everyone else is shutdown, you can be sure that our guys will be available to assist you. We make sure that no one phone call is missed since we have a 24 hour customer service.

Dundalk experts who open locked doors

I forget my key in the house all the time and have been calling my sister to come and open the door for me since I gave her a spare. But now, I don’t know what to do because my sister lost her copy as well. You are saying these things to a neighbor who happens to know about us and you call us and we help you. Problem solved. We also perform changing locks since locksmiths Dundalk MD want you to be safe in your home all the time.

If you have been saving money and finally have enough to make a down payment on a house, you understand that you may need to install new locks so that former owners or their friends can’t access your residence. Let us help you with this job and we can do it in only a few minutes after you purchase the house.

Special tools and the right equipments

Special tools and the right equipments

We also have Locked Doors Opened using some special tools that are good for any type of lock since they are universal and can open any door. You shouldn’t have to insert wires into your locks; let a professional use tools that are specifically made for this job. Locksmiths Dundalk MD has the right equipment and can safely unlock your door.

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